Vietnam visa extension

Vietnam visa extension

Due to tourism demand, work, investment, many foreigners want to stay in Vietnam, continue to work but visa is almost expired. Viet Phat Law – 0965. 709. 968 provides visa extension service to foreigners.

Vietnam visa extension service – Luật Việt Phát 0965.709.968

1. In order to apply visa extension, your current passport has to meet some requirements 

+ Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the time of extension.

Having two blank pages 

2. Type visa can be extend

Currently, Viet Phat Law provides visa extension service for foreigners in two primary visas, including:

+ Commercial visa: Commetcial visa is a guaranteed visa by company, including DN (company) visa, ĐT (investment) visa, LĐ (working) visa. Extending the commercial visa will prolong the duration of the foreigner’ s residency who are working, investing in Vietnam.

+ Traveling visa: DL visa is granted to tourists in Vietnam. The extension of the visa helps tourists have more time to visit lam, scenic scenery and historical relics in Vietnam.

Depending on the nationality of foreigners and types of visa; the duration of prolonged extension shall be used. For DL visa, a maximum duration of 3 months. The ĐT visa and LĐ visa have a maximum duration of 1 year. Contact Viet Phat Law – 0965. 709. 968 to be advised, to provide guidance on the extension of the visa to foreigners.

3. How to apply for visa extension

A dossier for extension of the visa to foreigners shall include:

+ The original passport;

The current visa original (separate visa);

+ The renewal/extension application form NA5

Besides, for each visa type, the visa extension dossier has its own characteristics. To extend a visa to foreigners, contact us: Viet Phat Law – 0965. 709. 968 to be counseled by specific cases. We will assist you in ensuring the maximum benefits. 

All the information is still in need, please contact Luật Việt Phát – 0965.709.968.


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